About us

Have you ever felt that you are looking for something and you don't know which person or store is selling that product in your area and you have to travel from here to there to ask manually whether the product or service is available or not, and felt frustrated. Our company will make a small change in this area and we will make sure that you will get everything you want without wasting your time.

We are providing an e-commerce platform as well as home delivery service to the small local retailer so, they can maximize their sales in the local areas. Many retailers have a good product but they could not afford the delivery service on their own. So, in order to eliminate this situation we came up with our service which will solve this problem.​

​​We are trying to bridge the gap between retailers/service providers and consumers using an online platform so the customer can order anything from a nearby retailer using our platform and the product will be delivered at their home or workplace on the same day.

What we are trying to do?

"To unite the sellers, retailers, service providers and consumers at one place using technology"